In this issue, I highlight some of the business leaders in our industry today. Our spotlight is focused on "Richard Branson", and innovative businessman. We share some of the latest innovators today, that have created solutions for our economy for the shortage of masks.  "In the challenging economic times we are facing today, I want to encourage individuals to strive to be more innovative, and creative in our thinking, and daily lives.  Let this extra down time we have at home, be an opportunity to reinvent, and better ourselves in business and in life.“ Cindy Rodriguez

As the creator and online publisher for Business Scene Magazine, I wanted to make sure I would implement an online platform that include mainstream business articles- with a touch of entertainment -staying true to the “The Scene online magazines“ main focus, but also covering the mainstream topics of business today; some of which being green living, economy, finance and more.

As we continue to deal with the challenges of everyday life, I want to encourage and continue to publish inspiring articles. My goal is to highlight informative articles that are uplifting, and helpful to the reader. About the Magazine – Business Scene Magazine is published in 2 platforms –An Online website, and Digital E-Book. The content focus for this publication is based on Arts, Entertainment and News specific to Business. Our spotlight sections of the magazine online and digital feature selected topics focused on "the -who, what, when, and where,” business leaders, and entrepreneurs. . Our readership is focused to - all men and women, and young adults interested in business related content.   

The online website magazine is updated regularly, and is an interactive magazine that uses video, social media and, links.

The digital e-magazine, is published twice a year - includes featured content, photos, and media that are unique to the digital issue.  

The Digital benefits: The digital magazine can be downloaded to your media device and is very inexpensive for the reader to download. If you are in a place with no internet, this magazine can be easily read if downloaded and saved to your device.