The Coronavirus has hit home hard, negatively affecting businesses in all industries.

Among the hardest hit are retail businesses, food establishments and the travel, tourism and entertainment industries. Social distancing is the new catchphrase. While important and necessary, for businesses, it means turning clients away for the benefit of public health.

 Tunedly has had a fully remote workforce since 2015.

Musicians in a recording studio. Thanks to new technology, a recording studio isn't required for most recordings. Platforms like Tunedly are replacing the traditional recording studio. Recording studios are no exception to this new norm. Stuffing 10 or more musicians into a confined space in close proximity to each other is the exact opposite of social distancing. As a result, recording studios, an industry that has already experienced a constant decline over the past 10 years, are on the brink of extinction.

However, some recording studios beat the odds by having virtualized the entire recording process, while still using live instruments, without compromising recording quality. Tunedly, a successful music production company founded in 2015, transferred its recording studio to the cloud more than five years ago – long before COVID-19 was even a topic. While some musicians are slow to adapt to new processes and technology, recording music and collaborating online is the future. This has become even more apparent now than ever before. Chris Erhardt, the co-founder of Tunedly, says: "We saw an initial hit in user activity when news of Coronavirus spread across the globe earlier this month. However, being a fully remote music production solution, that hit was ironed out quickly, and user activity now is even higher than before the crisis."  Tunedly isn't only on the forefront when it comes to innovative music production services for songwriters. The company was also one of the early adopters of a fully remote workforce. Employees and contractors are based all over the United States and Canada, including Colorado Springs, Los Angeles and New York.

"When we founded Tunedly, we wanted the best talent. Period. Not the best talent within 30 miles of the office," Erhardt says. "So, our decision was to make the world our oyster and recruit talent from all corners of the U.S. and Canada."  Tunedly currently offers a 50 percent discount for new clients. "Many up-and-coming songwriters are stuck at home right now, while our group of session musicians are losing their income from live performances," Erhardt says. "We started this initiative, to give a 50 percent discount at this difficult time, to allow more people to finally try out online music recording, as well as provide some extra income to our group of session musicians to make up for the many cancellations of live performances."